Gravity Does This

12 September 2015

Part 1

The choir compressed their number around the argument like water flows in to a moat.

“Gravity does this,” Prana said. “Your counterpart will suffer, and so will you.”

“Already we suffer,” William said.

“We know that the Father does not wish that we should suffer. That is why you are a counterpart.”

“Does it stand to reason then, that if an angel may become a demon, that therefore also one angel may sacrifice itself?” asked William.

“It is not right that you should have these kinds of feelings,” Prana said.

“I told you I cannot bare it. He will suffer. Does it stand to reason that an angel may sacrifice itself?”

“It does stand to reason. But your love with him in his suffering will father generations. Have faith and rest your heart in this knowledge.”

“Why does it not rest then?”

“You should know that becoming a man you will not be perfectly suited to manhood. And you will fall asleep to this estate.”

“I cannot bare it!”

“Your wish. Therefore It will be created likewise a counterpart to you, from the uncreated..”

“What do you mean? A demon?”

“Yes, like that. A different kind, of course.”

“A kind of demon? We have those with me always.”

“Not like that kind.
Those others are created by men as the product of their sin.
This other kind will be a counterpart to an angel who has become man.”

“Is it a sin that I should become man?”

“Prana is life and has no knowledge yet of It.”

William the angel had thought on it for twenty years as the choir grew tighter around them, and finally he said,

“Not everything is known. I cannot bare it! Let it be, so that Sam and I can conquer It together.”

Therefore it was that the demon from uncreation became a being along with Saint William the man. And the choir of angels dispersed wailing in agony from the loss of light extracted out of them.


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